• Common Amplifier Format

What’s the CAF?

The Common Amplifier Format (CAF) is a container for presenting standard specifications and measured performance metrics for audio power amplifiers.

Who is it for?

The CAF is for anyone who selects and deploys audio power amplifiers, or just wants to better understand how amplifiers work. Designed for use in SynAudCon training programs, it will also benefit contractors, consultants, students, or anyone who wants a more complete picture of amplifier performance.


Our freeware CAFViewer v1.5 is now available!

What’s New?

Amplifier Power Ratings Demystified

Inspired by the the Common Loudspeaker Format (CLF), the CAF puts everything needed to compare and deploy amplifiers in one data file that can be opened with a freeware app. CAFViewer™ also includes calculators for SPL, wire gauge, and distribution transformers, giving the audio practitioner everything they need to manage the amplifier-loudspeaker-listener interface.

While much of this information can be found on manufacturer’s specification sheets, each manufacturer presents the information differently. The CAF provides a structured, consistent report of an amplifier’s performance – designed by audio people for audio people.