v1.5 (Oct 2023)

– Tabs added for CTA-2006-D certification. These will only display for CTA-2006-D certification projects.

– Report generation added for CTA-2006-D. Report generation can be found under the File menu for CTA-2006-D projects.

– Power Calculator: Voltage now increments by 1/10th.

– Amp Sens Calc: Power field now increments with spinner.

– Output Z Calc: Default impedance now 8 ohms.

– Low-Z Calc: Sensitivity field now maxes out at 200 dB. This is to allow the calculator to be used with internally-powered loudspeakers whose amplifier gain is included in the rated sensitivity.


– Low-Z Calc, High-Z Calc: Added Parallel Resistor calculator.


– High-Z Calc: Fixated loudspeaker impedance at 8 ohms.


– High-Z calculator: The “Volts Max” field has been replaced with two fields – “Volts Rated” and “Volts Actual.” Volts Rated determines the transformer turns ratio and Volts Actual determines the amplifier’s output voltage. This allows you to operate a “70 V” system at voltages other than 70 V. They are separated by a “dB difference” field that compares Volts Rated and Volts Actual.


– Added Calculator – Power Calculator: An interactive calculator that determines the current, peak voltage, and power at 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1-ohms based on the RMS voltage selection.

– Frequency Response Tab: Now allows free-form display of up to six plots.

– Low-Z Calculator: Sine wave amplifier rating (3 dB crest factor) is now shown on the amplifier, even when the CF is changed. This lets the user know what size amplifier they need to buy to produce the target SPL (all amplifiers are rated with sine waves, even if it’s a burst).

– High-Z Calculator: Sum of all amplifier taps is now shown on the amplifier for a sine wave signal, even if the crest factor is changed. This lets the user know the required amplifier size for driving the loudspeaker circuit.

– Several minor bug fixes.


– Added Calculator – Output Impedance: This allows the output impedance and damping factor to be calculated from measured voltages. A Kelvin-type connection is recommended between the analyzer and amplifier.

– Added Calculator – Amplifier Sensitivity: This is useful for amplifiers that have adjustable gain setting via software or DIP switch. By entering the power rating and the amplifier gain, the input sensitivity is calculated. This yields the required drive voltage to the amplifier to reach full output. If the output level of the driving device is entered, then the required attenuation is also calculated.

– Grouped Tabs: Tabs can now be grouped when an amplifier is tested for multiple configurations simultaneously. Grouped tabs are identified by having the same color text. Amplifier data files demonstrating grouped tabs are coming soon.

– Frequency Response Tab: The cursor is now an interactive calculator. As it is moved about the plot there is a text readout for calculated (theoretical) power at 8, 4, and 2 ohms. This can be useful for comparing the amplifier’s behavior as an ideal voltage source to its measured performance.

– Frequency Response Tab: The text label for the second (green) plot can now be edited prior to generation of the CAF file. This allows the plot to alternately be used to display filtered responses, etc.

– IO Matrix Tabs: Gain column added, displaying the calculated gain between input and output.

– IO Matrix Tabs: Any value in the Delta dB column can be made the reference voltage (Burst or Sine test). So, instead of the Sine Burst value being 0 dB, the Continuous Sine can be the 0 dB reference. The Burst value (nearly always higher) will now indicate the dynamic headroom above the Continuous Sine rating.

– Several minor bug fixes. Thanks!


– Main Tab: Added Max Current Draw field

– Main Tab: Latency field number reformat to avoid exponential notation.

– I/O Matrix: “Sine Grow” stimulus added to be used if amplifier cannot pass burst test

– I/O Matrix: Amps field turns red if current draw equals or exceeds Max Current Draw on Main tab

– High-Z Calc: Added RMS voltage post step-down transformer


– Modified VDivider/Lspk Low-Z to allow 0.1 Ω minimum RL


– Added Voltage Divider in Calculator section

– Added Ohm’s Law graphic to Calculator section

– Added octave selection to Res Calc


– Added mouse-over Help

– Added dB Calculator for converting between audio levels

– Added Resolution Calculator for wavelength and time window calculations

– Low-Z Calculator – User can now override the calculated wire gauge with a manual selection from a table.

– High-Z Calculator – User can now override the calculated wire gauge with a manual selection from a table.

– High-Z Calculator – Transformer is now selected by choosing Power Tap. The calculated turns ratio is just below the transformer graphic. Total required amplifier wattage is now under Amplifier/Signal Spec.

– Main Tab: Added field for Common Mode Voltage for amplifiers that have DC on the loudspeaker terminals.

– All Calculators –  Increased font size for easier viewing on high res monitors.