Common Amplifier Format: QSC CXD4.2Q

Images courtesy QSC I first used the QSC CXD4.2Q during a training seminar in Australia in 2019 along with a Core 110f DSP. It readily handled all of our class […]

CAFViewer v1.3 Additions

Some recent additions to the CAFViewer™ app warrant some exposition. I’ll post some more amplifier profiles in early March. Figure 1 – Some new additions to CAFViewer™ 1.3 Amplifier Sens […]

Common Amplifier Format: MiniDSP PWR-ICE125

by Pat Brown Overview The MiniDSP PWR-ICE125 is a 2-channel plate amplifier for active 2-way loudspeakers or subwoofers. Since these articles are tutorial in nature, I’ll use the PWR-ICE125 to […]

Common Amplifier Format: Lab Gruppen E 12:2

Overview The Lab Gruppen E 12:2 is targeted at the installed sound market. Objectives for its design include high efficiency, high power density, automatic sleep mode, and versatile loading configurations. […]

Common Amplifier Format: Ashly SRA-4150

by Pat Brown Much can be learned about amplifiers by reviewing/comparing a common set of specifications that were collected in the same manner. In this series, I’ll use the Common […]

Common Amplifier Format: Crown CTs 2000

by Pat Brown Pat Brown continues with “Common Amplifier Format (CAF)” series. In this article, he overviews the Crown CTs 2000 amplifier, a workhorse in the commercial sound market. Crown […]

Common Amplifier Format: AtlasIED DPA1202

by Pat Brown Pat Brown continues with the Common Amplifier Format (CAF) series. In this article, he overviews the AtlasIED DPA 1202 amplifier. The Common Amplifier Format (CAF) series continues […]